The Story Behind Carota

The idea of Carota Café was born from a number of things. While I sit at my Rent-a-Center Thanksgiving table, drinking cheap red wine, listening to the muppets Christmas Pandora station, eating Bianca pizza warmed up in my oven from a food truck – I think about why I got into this. I want to serve the food I want to eat. I didn’t buy a fryer, I bought a juicer. I don’t want a standard menu, I want a challenge. Whatever the farm has, I’ll take it and develop my menu from there. Something I’ve never done before. Oh absolutely stressful, and thrilling at the same time. Last week, I held quails for the first time, pulled carrots from the ground, and learned some farm speak. Memory filing in companion farming, and claytonia. My plan: farm visits weekly. I’m in it for the knowledge, the adventure. It’s a bit of a selfish endeavor. But oh so selfless, as I want to give this knowledge to my community. You can get any damn thing you want in the grocery store, I want to change your mind. Repeat after me… you want to change your mind.

Pittsburgh = meat & potatoes town.

Eh, not so much me, not for many of you. I moved into Lawrenceville two years ago, and I love my neighborhood. I can walk to four yoga studios, tune up my bike at IronCity Bikes, get a drink at Pittsburgh Juice Company, and dine at Vandal… and I’m still not full of meat & potatoes. If it doesn’t exist, create it! I came to this realization as I was watching a video of Thomas Keller giving a speech to Harvard business students where he says, just because it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean there isn’t a need. I want to be the trailblazer, normal. But I’m not doing it just for me, you want to be the trailblazer too. Which is why I’m giving you the opportunity to. Of course this will involving learning, it’s really not that bad, you’ll love it. Because I do all the nutritional research, and menu development and you get to eat local, delicious, all-natural food.