bread + spread: sourdough and squash spread

noodles + broth: ginger infused vegetable broth, white wheat soba noodles, soft-boiled egg, daikon, leeks, shiitake, squash

kale + eggs: seared kale, scarlet turnips, radish, celery, fresh tumeric, fried eggs, herbs, sunflower, flax sourdough toast

kale + eggs


carrot soup 

root and grain salad: kale, beets, bulgar, buckwheat, soba noodles, soft boiled egg, daikon, leeks, shiitake, squash

horseradish gnocchi: house-made black pepper ricotta, wild arugula, fennel, kale, oyster mushrooms

squash grilled-cheese:  roasted squash, manchego cheese, oregano pesto, seedy bread with carrot 'ketchup' and pickled carrots and pickles

squash grilled-cheese


octopus: charred with crispy peewee potatoes, olives, grilled scallion arugula and chimichurri 

moqueca: brazilian fish stew; white fish, shrimp, sweet potato, leeks, cilantro, coconut milk and white rice and cashews

pot au feu:  beef cheek, roots, baby bok choi, vegtable broth with spicy dijon, sea salt, pickled carrot



chocolate babka


cookie du jour

chocolate babka

cookie du jour


juice: carrot orange ginger

broth: chicken broth infused with ginger

tea: almond milk steeped with fresh ginger, tumeric, honey

carrot orange ginger juice

golden wellness tea